Bungalow Plots Sale Pune

We have genuine, clear title plots for sale at Sindh Society, National Housing Society, Abhimanshree Society etc. Take a look at the list below or call on +91 98 905 02 322 for more details and viewings.

LocationProperty DetailsArea (Sq.ft)Base Price / Rate (Per Sq.ft)
AundhAbhimanshree Soc1100014,000/- (neg)
AundhAbhimanshree Soc550014,000/- (neg)
AundhAbhimanshree Soc
4500 plot, 3500 Built-Up8.50 Cr (neg)
AundhGoodwill Society65529.50 Cr (neg)
AundhKohinoor Planet32282.66 Cr (neg)
AundhNational Society800018,000/- (neg)
AundhSindh Society850016,500/- (neg)
AundhSindh Society850017,000/- (neg)
AundhSindh Society1000017,000/- (neg)
AundhSindh Society1035018,000/- (neg)
BalewadiIndependent Plot close to Balewadi Highstreet165009.50 Cr (neg)
BavdhanWindmill Bungalow Soc39911.87 Cr (neg)
CampCantonment Area - Near Hutchings School37500 sq.ft plot, 8500 built-up20 Cr (neg)
MundhwaFlorida Estate124006.82 Cr (neg)
MundhwaFlorida Estate68504.65 Cr (neg)
PashanBhuvaneshwar Society5000 plot 2200 b.up10 Cr (neg)
PisoliIndependent Plot90002.25 Cr (2.15)
Sopan BaugEmpress Garden Society1240013.5 Cr (neg)
Sopan BaugIndependent Plot95008 Cr (neg)
Sopan BaugSopan Baug CHS5368 sqft 3500 sq.ft B.up7.10 Cr (neg)
Sopan BaugSopan Baug CHS5368 sqft 1500 sq.ft b.up7.10 Cr (neg)

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