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Group Discounts

Group Discounts

The typical real estate buyer is in constant search for good deals. Individuals buyers would not be able to negotiate a good deal since it will not make economic sense for developers. Builders are ready to give discounts if someone can buy in bulk. They get a ready-made market to sell their properties in bulk without spending anything in customer acquisition and marketing. This reduces their cost of selling. This savings can be passed to the home buyers in the form of extra discount.

By coming together and forming a group, individual buyers can increase their bargaining power and hence will be able to bag a better deal! This is where we come in. We connect potential buyers with one another and form a group. We then go to the builder with a couple of orders and negotiate for possible discounts. Apart from our existing relationships, the builder sensing a good opportunity to sell a number of properties, agrees to the discount. Typically, there is negotiation on discount but the discount is higher than what is offered to an individual buyer.

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