Office Space Rent Pune

Here is a list of office spaces available for rent in Pune city. Call +91 98905 02322 for more details and viewings.

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LocationProperty NameIT / Non ITBuilt Up Area (Sq.ft)Rent / Per Sq.ft (INR)Furnishings
AundhOption 0150713 LacsFully Furnished
AundhOption 023643105/-Fully Furnished
BanerOption 03120060/-Bare Shell
BanerOption 04634265/-Fully Furnished
BanerOption 05411475/-Fully Furnished
BanerOption 06IT1900 sq.ft onwards75/-Plug & Play
BavdhanOption 07772172/-Warm Shell
BavdhanOption 08265172/-Warm Shell
BavdhanOption 09134572/-Warm Shell
Bhandarkar RdOption 10603795/-Fully Furnished
Bhandarkar RdOption 11441580/-Fully Furnished
Bhandarkar RdOption 1297765/-Bare Shell
Bhosale NagarOption 132100 +210075/-Fully Furnished
Bhosale NagarOption 14512280/-Fully Furnished
Bund Garden RdOption 15706180/-Fully Furnished
CampOption 161697075/-Warm Shell
DeccanOption 17533 +120 terrace85/-Fully Furnished
Dhole Patil RdOption 1868045kFully Furnished
Dhole Patil RdOption 19100055kBare Shell
Dhole Patil RdOption 2045535kFully Furnished
FC RoadOption 21533 + 120 terrace85/-Fully Furnished
HinjewadiOption 22IT13000 to 53000 sq.ft45/-Plug & Play
HinjewadiOption 23IT7000 to 240000 sq.ft45/-Plug & Play
HinjewadiOption 24IT1000035/-Bare Shell
Kennedy RoadOption 25IT16155, 20125, 3628090/-Plug & Play
Kennedy RoadOption 26IT4837090/-Plug & Play
Kennedy RoadOption 27IT2498390/-Plug & Play
Kennedy RoadOption 28IT1333090/-Plug & Play
Kennedy RoadOption 29IT1006065/-Warm Shell
Kennedy RoadOption 30IT2012565/-Warm Shell
KharadiOption 31173060/-Bare Shell
KharadiOption 3270355/-Bare Shell
KharadiOption 33198045/-Bare Shell
KharadiOption 34IT186540/-Bare Shell
KharadiOption 35IT1800, 2400, 355042/-Bare Shell
KharadiOption 36IT3650, 4200, 700042/-Bare Shell
KharadiOption 37IT170042/-Bare Shell
KharadiOption 38IT205042/-Bare Shell
Koregaon ParkOption 39325075/-Warm Shell
Koregaon ParkOption 40500090/-Fully Furnished
Koregaon ParkOption 41325065/-Bare Shell
Law College RoadOption 425675110/-Fully Furnished
Law College RoadOption 435750165/-Fully Furnished
MagarpattaOption 4416361 LacBare Shell
MagarpattaOption 451496675/-Fully Furnished
Mangaldas RdOption 463345110/-Fully Furnished
MundhwaOption 47IT1218865/-Warm Shell
Salisbury ParkOption 481000070/-Warm Shell
SB RoadOption 49480090/-Warm Shell
Shastri NagarOption 501200 to 250065/-Bare Shell
Shivaji NagarOption 51387575/-Fully Furnished
Shivaji NagarOption 52160050/-Bare Shell
Shivaji NagarOption 53400060/-Fully Furnished
TalawadeOption 54IT35000 sq.ft onwards40/-Warm Shell
Viman NagarOption 552838, 4500, 591140/-Bare Shell
Viman NagarOption 564000 + 800 sqft terrace1.55 LacsBare Shell
Viman NagarOption 571100 + 80045/-Bare Shell
Viman NagarOption 58225250/-Bare Shell
Viman NagarOption 59177450/-Bare Shell
Viman NagarOption 60270745/-Bare Shell
Viman NagarOption 61800, 800, 110050/-Bare Shell
Viman NagarOption 62IT478055/- negWarm Shell
WakadewadiOption 63226070/-Bare Shell
WakadewadiOption 64680070/-Bare Shell
WakadewadiOption 651875070/-Bare Shell
WanowrieOption 66143555/-Warm Shell
Boat Club RoadOption 672700130/- negPlug & Play
Viman NagarOption 68350360/- negBare Shell

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