Located in west India, Pune is the eighth most populous city in the country and the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra, after Mumbai. The seventh largest metropolitan region of India, also called the “Cultural Capital of Maharashtra”, Pune is a premier educational destination in the country. It has been called the “Oxford of The East”, “Pensioner’s Paradise” and the “Queen of Deccan”.

The economy of Pune is mainly dependent on the established industrial centre and the booming software industry. Pune is a major industrial centre, growing rapidly every year.

The Pune office market is divided into the three sub-markets of the CBD, the Secondary Business and the Suburbs.

CBD – The CBD primarily comprises areas such as MG Road, Bund Garden Road, Koregaon Park and Senapati Bapat Road, which in recent times has emerged as one of the prime commercial areas of Pune.

SBD – The growth of the IT/ITeS sector resulted in the development of many areas in Pune into Secondary Business Districts (SBD). These are located within 5-10 km of the CBD area. These include the areas of Kalyani Nagar, Kharadi Yerwada, Viman Nagar, Airport Road and Nagar Road.

Suburbs – This includes Hinjewadi and Pimpri-Chinchwad in the Western Corridor of the city and Fursungi in the Eastern Corridor of the city. Hinjewadi over the last five years has emerged as the most significant cluster for IT/ITeS development in Pune alongside the North East micro-market in the SBD.

Here is a list of office spaces available for lease at Pune city. Call +91 98905 02322 for more details and viewings. Offices for sale here.

LocationProperty NameIT SpaceBuilt-Up Area (Sq.ft)Rent
(Per Sq.ft Per Mth / INR Per Mth)
AmanoraOption No 11100 55/- Furnished, pantry, 1 car pk
AmanoraOption No 2100075kFurnished, 30 work stations, 1 cabin
AundhOption No 3900 to 1620070/-Unfurnished
AundhOption No 419001.50 LacsFurnished, 2nd floor, 40 work stations, 2 washrooms, 1 pantry, 1 conferrence, 1 cabin, 1 covered & 4 open car pk
AundhOption No 545003.30 LacsFurnished, 2 open & 2 covered car pk, 2 washroom, pantry
AundhOption No 657540kSemi-furnished
AundhOption No 723001.90 LacsFurnished, 1 Covered & 2 Open car pk
AundhOption No 880040kSemi-furnished
AundhOption No 990003.50 LacsUnfurnished, 6 car parkings, 10 Washrooms, individual bungalow 2 combined, ideal for play school, backoff, spa, health club
AundhOption No 1050713 LacsFurnished
AundhOption No 11105025kUnfurnished, 2 bathrooms
AundhOption No 123643105/-Furnished, available from 1 April 2017, 3 car pk, 100% Dg back up, 2 washrooms
BalewadiOption No 131500060/-5 floors, 3000 sq.ft each floor
BanerOption No 14100040kUnfurnished
BanerOption No 152500 carpet area1.50 Lacs4 cabins, 35 Seats, 1 conference, 4 washrooms, 8 open car pks,
BanerOption No 1617641.23 LacsUnfurnished
BanerOption No 172500, 2500, 500072/-Furnished, 3 cabins, 1 large conference, 33 work stations
BanerOption No 18164074kUnfurnished, 2 covered & 1 open car pk,2 floors each of 1640 sq.ft
BanerOption No 19161070/-Unfurnished, 2 car & 4 two wheeler pk
BanerOption No 20162070/- Unfurnished, 2 car & 4 two wheeler pk
BanerOption No 21177070/- Unfurnished, 2 car & 4 two wheeler pk
BanerOption No 2218001 LacFurnished, 2 washroom, 30 work stations, 1 cabin, 1 pantry, 1 conference
BanerOption No 23411475/-Furnished, 100% Dg back up, 28 work stations, 6 cabins, 2 covered 1 open car pk
BanerOption No 24119790kUnfurnished, 2 car pk
BanerOption No 2558553kFurnished, 1 Car pk
BanerOption No 2625001.45 LacsFurnished, 2 wet pantry, 2 Washroom, 2 cabin,
1 conference, 39 work stations, 2 car parking & underground common two wheeler parking
BanerOption No 27125090kFurnished, 22 work station, 4 cabins
Baner Pashan Link RdOption No 28700070/-Unfurnished
BavdhanOption No 2928501.90 LacsUnfurnished
BavdhanOption No 30107760kUnfurnished
BavdhanOption No 3166003.80 LacsFurnished, 5 manager's cabins, 1 conference room, 1 Reception area, 2 washroom, 128 seating capacity, 24x7 Generator backup, 6 parking slots
BavdhanOption No 32IT34852.30 LacsUnfurnished
BavdhanOption No 33IT77950kUnfurnished
BavdhanOption No 34110055/-Unfurnished
BavdhanOption No 35285055/-Unfurnished
BavdhanOption No 364750055/-Unfurnished, 32 Covered 10 Open car pk
Boat Club RdOption No 37140093/-Unfurnished, 2 car pk
Boat Club RdOption No 3867075/-Furnished
Boat Club RdOption No 392700130/-Furnished, 50 work station, 2 toilets, 1 pantry, 1 discussion room
Boat Club RdOption No 40100050/-Semifurnished
CampOption No 41800060/-Unfurnished
CampOption No 4266045kUnfurnished
CampOption No 4319501 LacFurnished, 10-15 cubicles, conference room, 3 toilets
Dhole Patil RdOption No 444600 + 4600150/- + 100/-Furnished, Ground floor + lower gound 4600 sq.ft each
Dhole Patil RdOption No 45138270/-Unfurnished, 100% back-up
HinjewadiOption No 46157590kFurnished, 2 washrooms
HinjewadiOption No 47B.up 8211 sq.ft Carpet 6082 sq.ft 5.20 LacsUnfurnished, Ground, mezzanine, first floor, toilet, transformer yard, Phase I
HinjewadiOption No 488000 (7000 carpet area) 4000 plot4.50 LacsIndependent commercial building with Basement, Ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor 3rd floor. Ideal for Central Kitchen concept Hostel Restaurant Central Stores, 5 open car pk, 1 lift, unfurnished
HinjewadiOption No 49IT7000 to 240000 55/-Furnished, 100% Dg back up
HinjewadiOption No 5017001 LacUnfurnished, 2 car pk, 2 washrooms,
HinjewadiOption No 51IT13000 (4 floor each 13k) = 52k total45/-Furnished, 100 to 140 work stations each floor, 100% Dg back up
HinjewadiOption No 5250005.60 LacsFurnished, the property consist of two floors, 75 work stations, 3 cabins, 3 meeting room & 1 conference room along with separate washroom for ladies and gents. Separate DG back up.
HinjewadiOption No 53IT960035/-Unfurnished, 100% Dg back-up
HinjewadiOption No 54900065/-Unfurnished, 7 washrooms
HinjewadiOption No 5530001.50 LacsUnfurnished
J M RoadOption No 561000140/-Furnished, 3 split AC's, 6 work stations, 2 cabins, 2 cabin tables and @18 chairs, 5 running tables
J M RoadOption No 571215060/-Unfurnished, Basement, Grounf plus 3 floors
Kalyani NagarOption No 5814211.15 LacsFurnished
Kalyani NagarOption No 5914211.10 LacsFurnished
Kalyani NagarOption No 60100075/-Furnished, 10 cabins, pantry, 1car pk, pantry
KharadiOption No 6175730kUnfurnished
KharadiOption No 62130061/- Furnished, 6 car pk, 1 cabin, 25 seats, dry pantry
KharadiOption No 6370550/-Unfurnished, 1 car pk
KharadiOption No 64140050/-Unfurnished, pantry and washroom
KharadiOption No 6567845/-Unfurnished, pantry and washroom
KharadiOption No 6680559/-Furnished, 16 work station, dry pantry, conference room, all white goods and computers
KharadiOption No 67140043/-Unfurnished, 1 wc, 1 car pk
KharadiOption No 68IT3700, 7000 (2units) 55/-Unfurnished
KharadiOption No 69185690kUnfurnished
KharadiOption No 70200060/-Furnished, cabins, conf room, pantry
KhardiOption No 7176645/-Unfurnished
Koregaon ParkOption No 72210035/-Furnished, 30 work stations, 1 car pk, 6 bike pk
Koregaon ParkOption No 7340045kFurnished
Koregaon ParkOption No 7471070/-Furnished, 1 car pk
Koregaon ParkOption No 75228575/-Furnished, 2 car pk
KothrudOption No 76162495/-Furnished, 1 Reception, 5 Cabins, 1 Conference (Can be converted to Cabin if Required), 15 Work Stations, 1 Toilet, 1 Store
KothrudOption No 77136780/-Furnished
MagarpattaOption No 7816361 LacUnfurnished
MagarpattaOption No 79168778kUnfurnished
MagarpattaOption No 80162761/- Unfurnished
MagarpattaOption No 8151583.87 LacsFurnished, 7 car pk
MundhwaOption No 8260040kUnfurnished
NibmOption No 832000 (2 floors each)1.50 LacsUnfurnished
Shivaji NagarOption No 84387575/-Furnished, 32 work stations, 2 car pk
Viman NagarOption No 85185065/-Furnished, 25 work stations, 1 conf room, 1 pantry, 1 cabin, central ac, 2 car pk, 2 washrooms
Viman NagarOption No 8680587/-Unfurnished
Viman NagarOption No 8780556/- Unfurnished
Viman NagarOption No 88225250/-Unfurnished
Viman NagarOption No 8980575/-Furnished
Viman NagarOption No 9050082/- Furnished
WakadewadiOption No 91226070/-Unfurnished, 1 washroom, 2 Car pk, 100% Dg back up

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