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Located in west India, Pune is the eighth most populous city in the country and the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra, after Mumbai. The seventh largest metropolitan region of India, also called the “Cultural Capital of Maharashtra”, Pune is a premier educational destination in the country. It has been called the “Oxford of The East”, “Pensioner’s Paradise” and the “Queen of Deccan”.

The economy of Pune is mainly dependent on the established industrial centre and the booming software industry. Pune is a major industrial centre, growing rapidly every year.

The Pune office market is divided into the three sub-markets of the CBD, the Secondary Business and the Suburbs.

CBD – The CBD primarily comprises areas such as MG Road, Bund Garden Road, Koregaon Park and Senapati Bapat Road, which in recent times has emerged as one of the prime commercial areas of Pune.

SBD – The growth of the IT/ITeS sector resulted in the development of many areas in Pune into Secondary Business Districts (SBD). These are located within 5-10 km of the CBD area. These include the areas of Kalyani Nagar, Kharadi Yerwada, Viman Nagar, Airport Road and Nagar Road.

Suburbs – This includes Hinjewadi and Pimpri-Chinchwad in the Western Corridor of the city and Fursungi in the Eastern Corridor of the city. Hinjewadi over the last five years has emerged as the most significant cluster for IT/ITeS development in Pune alongside the North East micro-market in the SBD.

Here is a list of Offices available for sale with us. For details call +91 98905 02322 or fill in the form at the end of this page. We also have pre-leased properties for sale here. Offices for lease here.

LocationOption NosTypeBuilt Up Area (sq.ft)Rate | Base PriceRemarkPossession
BalewadiOption 01Office401, 550, 606, 1067, 1250, 1642 (carpet)11k/- per sq.ft6th floor to 13th floorDec/20
BanerOption 02Office1342, 1970, 50008500/- per sq.ftOff Baner Main RdReady
BanerOption 03Office555, 8008500/- per sq.ftClose to HighwayDec/18
BanerOption 04Office650 to 1000On Request1.07 Cr pkg for 650 sq.ft officeJun/18
BanerOption 05Office350 to 4000 Carpet8500/- per sq.ft56 Lacs all inclusive for 350 sq.ft, 50% GST off before 31 Dec 2017, close to highwayDec/18
BanerOption 06Office74798.98 CrPre-Leased: Rent 5.08 Lacs per mth, Security Deposit 30.47 Lacs, Escalation 5% yearly, 5 years agreementReady
BanerOption 07Office152011k/- per sq.ftMain Baner roadReady
BanerOption 08Office41144.25 CrFF, 1st floor, 100% Dg back up, 30 Work stationsReady
BanerOption 09Office11007500/- per sq.ft1 car park each, close to highwayAug/18
BanerOption 10Office11451.40 Cr pkgall inclusive pkg, 2 car parks, 4th floorReady
BavdhanOption 11Office468, 617, 106711k/- per sq.ft11 floors, 51 Lacs AV / 68.77 Lacs pkgDec/19
BibewadiOption 12Office61078000/- per sq.ft5 Cr AV / 5.31 Cr PkgReady
Boat Club RdOption 13Office200012500/- per sq.ft25 workstations, 35 chairs, Reception with table and sofa/waiting area. has seperate Gents and Ladies toilet and furniture as wellReady
Boat Club RdOption 14Office10301.44 Cr1 car parking, furnished, 1 cabinReady
BopodiOption 15Office26342.79 CrPre-leased for 1.40 Lacs, 4th floorReady
CampOption 16Office584 - 2000015k/- per sq.ftNew projectReady
CampOption 17Office2716 (2100 carpet)4.10 Cr negPre-Leased: Rent 2.10 Lacs, 5 Lacs s.deposit, 10k maint paid by tenant, 5 yrs agreement, 3 yrs lock in, 5% escalation, 2 car parkings, 4 bikesReady
Deccan College RdOption 18Office534, 911, 1085, 4025, 1220012.5k/- per sq.ftNew ProjectDec/17
Dhole Patil RdOption 19Office455 sqft65 LacsPre-Leased: 3rd floor, FF, Rent 27k per mthReady
Dhole Patil RdOption 20Office700, 1400, 200016k/- per sq.ftMain road touchAug/18
Dhole Patil RdOption 21Office200016k/- per sq.ft3 units leftAug/18
FC RoadOption 22Office800 sqft onwards20k/- per sq.ftmultiple units, 3 to 5th floorReady
FC RoadOption 23Office7400 (2 units) 5200 CA17k/- per sq.ft5th and 6th floorReady
GultekdiOption 24Office1268112 CrPre-Leased: 7 lacs per month, 15% every 3 years, 9 year lease, 42 Lacs depositReady
HinjewadiOption 25Office1257, 1710, 2135, 25857500/- per sq.ftPhase I HinjewadiDec/20
HinjewadiOption 26Office843, 8656500/- per sq.ft4th floor, Pkg 64 Lacs all inclusiveReady
Kalyani NagarOption 27Office570007000/- per sq.ft | 40 Cr PkgPre-Leased: Rent 29 Lacs, Deposit 1 Cr, Agreement 5 yrs, August 2016, 3 yrs lock-in, Escalation 15% after 3 yrs, FF by owner, ROI 9%Ready
KharadiOption 28Office689 - 18k full floor7500/- per sq.ftClose to WTCJul/19
KharadiOption 29Office1500, 17008000/- per sq.ft4th & 6th floorReady
KharadiOption 30Office21007000/- per sq.ft1st floorReady
Koregaon ParkOption 31Office202512000/-per sq.ftPre-Leaseed: 7% yieldReady
Koregaon ParkOption 32Office57007.50 Cr2nd floor, 6 car pks, 2 Wash roomsReady
Koregaon ParkOption 33Office750 onwards12.5kNew projectDec/20
MagarpattaOption 34Office1490510000/- per sq.ft | 14.50 Cr pkgPre-leased: March 2017, 10.58 Lacs rent, 50 lacs deposit, 10% escalation after 2 years, 5 year agreement, 2 year lock I, ROI 9%, FF by ownerReady
MagarpattaOption 35Office58003 CrPre-Leased: 4th floor, Rent 1.50 Lacs per monthReady
MagarpattaOption 36Office49059300/- per sq.ft | 4.70 Cr pkgPre-Leased: Rent 2.84 Lacs, Security Deposit, 15 Lacs, Agreement 5 yrs, Jun 2017, 4 yrs lock-in, 15% escalation after 3 yrs, FF by owner, ROI 8%Ready
MagarpattaOption 37Office1290610 CrPre-Leased: Rent 70/- per sq.ft, LOI to be signed in Dec 2017 for 5 yrs.Ready
Nagar RdOption 38Office189608700/- per sq.ft | 16.50 Cr pkgRent 12.13 Lacs, S.Deposit 45 Lacs, 5 yrs agreement, Dec 2017, 3 yrs lock-in, 15% escalation every 3 yrs, FF by owner, ROI 9%Ready
Prabhat RoadOption 39Office25 to 26k b.up, 18k CA36 - 38 Cr8000 plot, G+6, 28 car parks, 70 bike parkingsReady
SB RoadOption 40Office509710.87 CrPre-Leased: 3335 carpet, 2597 terrace, 6.05 Lacs rent, 3 yrs agreement starting on 1 dec 2016, 50 Lacs Deposit, Maint 6.15 Lacs annually, 10% escalation, 1st floor, 75% floor efficiency, 2 basement 2 stilt, 12 elevatorsReady
UndriOption 41Office376, 399, 6387500/- per sq.ftNew projectDec/18
Viman NagarOption 42Office59117500/- per sq.ftPre-Leased: 4.43 Cr AV, 5.23 Cr pkg, 6 car pk, 12 bike pk, 2.06 Lacs rent per month, 6mths security deposit, 15% escalation every 3 year, 60 months tenure, 60 mths lock in, 16 Oct 2017 to 15 Oct 2022 Ready
Viman NagarOption 43Office28387500/- per sq.ft2.38 Cr AV, 2.51 Cr pkg, 3 car pk, 6 bike pk, 99330 rent per mth, 6 mths security deposit, 15% escalation every 3 years, 60 mths lock in, 16 Oct 2017 to 15 Oct 2022Ready
Viman NagarOption 44Office561 carpet onwards10500/- per sq.ftJust Off Main Nagar RdReady
Viman NagarOption 45Office571 + 571 = 114215k/- per sq.ftPre-Leased: Rent - 90,715/-, 5 Yrs Agr, 1/7/2016 to 30/6/2021, 3 yrs lock-in, escalation 5% every yr, Security Deposit 4.48 Lacs, 2 cp. 9k/- per month for parking extraReady
Viman NagarOption 46Office1761 (571, 571, 619)15k/- per sq.ftMain JunctionReady
Viman NagarOption 47Office176115k/- per sq.ftPre-leased: Rent 1,14,465/-, 10/11/2016 to 9/11/2021, 2 yrs lock-in, 5% escalation every year, 3.43 Lacs S.DepositReady
Viman NagarOption 48Office1194, 2700, 3377, 36008000/- per sq.ft5-10 seprate washroom, entire 3rd floor, 40 car pksReady
WakadOption 49Office6504 (4646 CA)On request1st floorReady
WakadOption 50Office5000 (3570 CA)On request2nd floor + terrace 1481 sq.ft b.upReady
WakadOption 51Office400 to 7000 full floor (carpet area)8000/- per sq.ft3rd to 6th floorDec/19
WakadOption 52Office350 sq.ft carpet onwardsOn request56 Lacs package, 10 FloorsJul/20

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