Complete list of Shops & Showrooms for Sale below. For viewing and more details call +91 98905 02322 or click here.

LocationProject | BuilderTypeArea (sq.ft)Rate psf | PricePossession
AundhNear Westend MallShowroomTotal: Carpet 5171 | Salable 7757 Shop 1: Carpet 2072 | Salable 3108 Shop 2: Carpet 1569 | Salable 2354 Shop 3: Carpet 1364 | Salable 204635k/- psfReady
AundhNew ProjectShop20007.50 Cr pkgReady
BanerBaner Pashan Link RoadShowroom3564 (2673 Carpet)7.25 CrReady
Bund Garden RdNear Wadia CollegeShowroom20505.87 CrReady
CampNear Wonderland, MG RoadShowroom350013 CrReady
Dhole Patil RdNear Mainland ChinaRestaurant1700021k/- psfReady
J M RoadRoad Facing Branded StoreShowroom403518.75 CrReady
Kalyani NagarNew ProjectShowroom975 - 289618k/- psfDec-21
Kalyani NagarNew ProjectShowroom975 - 130025k/- psfDec-21
Kalyani NagarNew ProjectShowroom650 - 193014k/- psfDec-21
KharadiGera Park ViewShop8001.40 CrReady
KharadiNear WTC PuneShowroom471722k/- psfReady
KharadiNear WTC PuneShowroom441719k/- psfDec-17
KharadiNear ZensarShop6101.25 CrReady
KharadiNew ProjectShop1280, 160015k/- psfReady
Koregaon ParkNear Pizza HutShop16503 CrReady
Laxmi RoadSonya Maruti ChowkShowroom400020 CrReady
Lonavala3 Star HotelHotelPlot 25000 sq.ft (2700 sq.yrds)53 CrReady
MG RoadRoad Facing Branded StoreShowroom600010 CrReady
Pimple NilakhNew ProjectShop550, 16502.13 Cr & 5 CrSep-21
Pimple NilakhNew ProjectShop375, 25088 Lacs & 70 LacsSep-21
Pimple SaudagarNear Kokane ChowkShowroom28504.25 CrReady
Pimpri ChinchwadHighway Touch BuildingShowroom10000 built up (6000 plot)20 CrReady
Viman NagarNear Datta Mandir ChowkShop114216.5k/- psfReady
Viman NagarNear Datta Mandir ChowkShop68616.5k/- psfReady
Viman NagarNear Datta Mandir ChowkShop285922k/- p.s.fReady
Viman NagarNear Datta Mandir ChowkShop176116.5k/- psfReady
Viman NagarNear Datta Mandir ChowkShop72022k/- psfReady
Viman NagarNear Datta Mandir ChowkShop64322k/- psfReady
Viman NagarNear Datta Mandir ChowkShop354015k/- psfReady
Viman NagarNear Datta Mandir ChowkShop385715k/- psfReady
Viman NagarNear Datta Mandir ChowkHotelPlot 10000 sq.ft Built Up 30000 sq.ft45 CrReady
FC RoadNew ProjectShowroom2400 to 4300 carpet (1st floor) 2600 to 4900 carpet (LG) 4000 to 7240 carpet (UG)40k/- psfDec-20
Salunke Vihar RdNew ProjectShop676 (G) 621 (UG)25k/- psfDec-20
Salunke Vihar RdNew ProjectShowroom200025k/- psfDec-20
Salunke Vihar RdNew ProjectRestaurant600012k/- psfDec-20
Koregaon ParkNew ProjectShowroom3294, 3423, 3633, 443225k/- psfDec-23
WanowrieNew ProjectShowroom2500 (1655 carpet)18k/- psfDec-19
ErandwanePre-Leased Commercial BuildingShowroomPlot 4600 / Salable 550014 CrReady
KharadiNew ProjectShop264, 350, 430, 550, 1450, 187020k/- psfDec-22
WakadNew ProjectShop481 (320 CA) 643 (429 CA) 640 (427 CA) 630 (420 CA)16k/- psfDec-21
WakadNew ProjectShowroom2068 (1379 CA)20k/- psfDec-21
HinjewadiNear Wipro CircleShop100, 160, 32522k/- psfDec-20

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