Shops and Showrooms Sale Pune

Here is a list of shops and showrooms available for sale with us. For details call +91 98905 02322 or fill in the form at the end of this page. We also have pre-leased properties for sale here.

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LocationOptionTypeArea (Sq.ft)Rate | Base PriceRemarkPossession
AundhOption 01Showroom530011.50 Cr base price75 ft frontage, Pre-LeasedReady
BalewadiOption 02Showroom2067, 2861, 377922,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Mall type developmentDec-19
BalewadiOption 03Shop209, 494, 527, 61722,000/- per sq.ft (neg)mall type developmentDec-19
BanerOption 04Showroom170022,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floor, Road facing showroomReady
BanerOption 05Showroom500014,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Mumbai Bangalore Highway TouchReady
BanerOption 06Showroom1600, 230016,000/- per sq.ft (neg)2 car parks each, Mumbai Bangalore Highway TouchDec-17
BanerOption 07Showroom4830, 588521,000/- per sq.ft (neg)ground floor, 100% Dg back up, 11.90 & 14.49 Cr pkgReady
BanerOption 08Showroom447816,000/- per sq.ft (neg)7.39 Cr AV / 8.24 Cr pkgDec-18
BanerOption 09Showroom437012,500/- per sq.ft (neg)5.68 Cr AV / 6.33 Cr pkgDec-18
BanerOption 10Showroom3000, 700021,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Mumbai Bangalore Highway TouchDec-19
BanerOption 11Showroom1517, 2872On Requestground floorDec-18
BanerOption 12Showroom1258, 2302On Request1st floorDec-18
BanerOption 13Shop780, 911, 80116000/- per sq.ft (neg)Road FacingJun-18
BanerOption 14Shop1816, 2053, 2038, 257916,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floorDec-18
BanerOption 15Shop2340, 232216,500/- per sq.ft (neg) Ground floorDec-18
BanerOption 16Shop450, 458, 601, 61318,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floorDec-18
BanerOption 17Shop420, 538, 711, 75212,000/- per sq.ft (neg)First Floor Road FacingDec-18
BanerOption 18Shop544, 655, 67413,000/- per sq.ft (neg)First Floor Road FacingDec-18
BanerOption 19Shop848, 87816,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floorReady
Baner Pashan Link RdOption 20Shop625, 682, 635, 746, 936, 499, 54720,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floor, Road FacingReady
Baner Pashan Link RdOption 21Shop1486, 16782.80 base priceGround floor, Road FacingDec-17
BavdhanOption 22Shop419, 51216,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floorReady
Boat Club RdOption 23Showroom7790 & 842119000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ideal for restaurantReady
BopodiOption 24Showroom377114500/- per sq.ft (neg)4 car parks, 5/- maint, D.G. Back Up, 6.30 Cr pkgReady
CampOption 25Shop180 Carpet1.20 Cr base price120 + 60 (Ground + Mezzanine)
CampOption 26Shop737 to 1400020,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floorReady
ChinchwadOption 27Shop798 - 319212500/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floorReady
ChinchwadOption 28Shops717, 846, 1103, 196014,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floorDec-19
FC RoadOption 29Showroom10451, 10246On RequestGround floor, Road FacingReady
HinjewadiOption 30Shop421, 961, 275718000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floor, Road FacingDec-17
J M RoadOption 31Showroom1791514 Cr base priceOff J.M RoadReady
KharadiOption 32Showroom470020,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Road Facing near World Trade CenterReady
KharadiOption 33Showroom2300, 280019,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Road Facing near World Trade CenterDec-17
KharadiOption 34Showroom227710,000/- per sq.ft (neg)1sft floor road facing showroom spaceReady
KharadiOption 35Shop170020,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floorReady
KharadiOption 36Shop107318,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floorReady
KharadiOption 37Shop1041, 1210, 1463, 1530, 161315,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floorReady
KharadiOption 38Shop800, 123410,000/- per sq.ft (neg)1st floorReady
KharadiOption 39Shop448 (337 CA)20000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floor, road facingReady
Koregaon ParkOption 40Showroom3079 (1850 carpet)22,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground Flr, 2 car parks basementReady
MagarpattaOption 41Shop37517,000/- per sq.ft (neg)ground floorReady
MagarpattaOption 42Shop57018000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floorReady
NIBMOption 43Shop7200, 6000On requestSep-17
NIBMOption 44Shop65007 Cr base priceground flr, 10 car parks, 3/- maintReady
NIBMOption 45Shop1248 - 141517000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floorReady
NIBMOption 46Shop166514500/- per sq.ft (neg)13k final, Ground floorReady
Pimple NilakhOption 47Shop2200 carpet, 900 terrace, 2300 open space5 Cr base priceground & 1st floor independent building, wakad Baner Dp road, ideal for bank, restaurant etc
PimpriOption 48Showroom11751.75 Cr base price35 foot frontage, 14ft height, Ready
Shastri NagarOption 49Showroom337018,000/- per sq.ft (neg)(G+1+T) independent unitReady
Shastri NagarOption 50Shop79520,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floorReady
Tilak RoadOption 51Showroom506613.10 Cr base price10 Car parks, Ground + Mezzanine (Loft) + 1st + 2nd + Terrace.Ready
UndriOption 52Shop425, 695, 755, 860, 131513500/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floorDec-19
UndriOption 53Shop597, 607, 818, 87410,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floorDec-18
UndriOption 54Shop438, 440, 583, 6169k/- per sq.ft (neg)1st floorDec-18
Viman NagarOption 55Showroom2250938 Cr base pricePre-LeasedReady
Viman NagarOption 56Shop114218,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Upper Ground, Road FacingReady
Viman NagarOption 57Shop168723,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Pre-LeasedReady
Viman NagarOption 58Shop643, 72023,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Grnd FlrReady
Viman NagarOption 59Shop385715,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Lower GroundReady
Viman NagarOption 60Shop586 + 58621,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Grnd FlrReady
Viman NagarOption 61Showroom4400, 810023,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground flr, Road FacingDec-19
Viman NagarOption 62Showroom5343, 866920,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground flr, Ideal for F & B outletsReady
WakadOption 63Showroom3500, 560315 Cr packageHighway facingDec-18
WakadOption 64Shop770, 995, 74517,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground FlrReady
WakadOption 65Shop605, 54514,000/- per sq.ft (neg)1st FlrReady
WakadOption 66Shop11607500/- per sq.ft (neg)Mall, 3rd and 4th floorReady
WakadOption 67Shop112025,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floorDec-17
WakadOption 68Shop167021,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floorReady
WakadOption 69Shop492, 555, 655, 900, 1075 21,000/- per sq.ft (neg)Ground floor, 14 feet heightApr-18
Dhole Patil RdOption 70Shop12003.45 Cr base price (neg)Ground floor, Pre-leased, Rent 2.45 Lacs p.mth.Ready
Dhole Patil RdOption 71Shop400 carpet1.15 Cr base price (neg)Ground floor, Pre-leased, Rent 37k p.mth.Ready

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